man-made fibres

Man Made Fibres

We are suppliers of auxiliaries to produce cellulosic and synthetic fibres as continuous filament, staple fibre, and non-woven.

The synergy between our chemists and fibre experts enables us to develop products suitable for standard and innovative processes and technologies. The long experience acquired in the lab, our pilot plants, and industrial installations allows us to optimize the product according to every customer’s specific needs.

Our products convey an excellent quality to the final fibre, offering the necessary lubrication, cohesion, and antistatic properties.

We are a market leader in the field of environmentally friendly auxiliaries for viscose, lyocell, polyester, polyamide (nylon), and polypropylene offering Bluesign, GRS, and ZDHC level 3 certified products.

With a line of products deriving from sustainable raw materials and intermediates, we can provide all fibre the desired performance and quality with the lowest dose levels and exceptional environmental impact profiles.

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