High Hydrophilicity for hygiene applications: Tallopol® System

1 Tallopol® System: a brief overview

With Tallopol® System is possible to achieve the required performance of cohesion, lubrication, and electrostatic charge dissipation while maintaining optimal hydrophilicity.

Tallopol® SF 2: permanent hydrophilic finish

  • Soft-touch
  • Biodegradable
  • Good skin compatibility
  • FDA compliant AND EU 10/2011
  • ZDHC level 3 - bluesign® and GOTS approved
Tallopol® SLB: antistatic agent
  • Not foaming
  • Biodegradable
  • Good skin compatibility
  • ZDHC level 3 - bluesign® and GOTS approved
2 Tallopol® System properties

Cohesion/electrostatic properties

Varying the ratio of the two components is possible to modulate the fibre performances achieving the required cohesion, bandwidth, and electrostatic charge dissipation.

Dynamic friction

Change the ratio of the two components to obtain the required lubrication.

Sinking time/water holding capacity

Optimal absorption level with all ratios.

Liquid strike through time

Fast water absorption for enhanced hydrophilicity of the nonwoven

Repeated liquid strike through time

The hydrophilicity of the nonwoven is kept with multiple wettings


Low run-off for an high water retention to avoid liquid leakage

3 Tallopol® System for agro-textiles

Hydrophilicity for all types of nonwoven

Diaper's coverstock nonwoven can be treated with Tallopol system to achieve the optimal water absorption and retention, increasing the user's comfort

PP nonwoven is commonly used as a weed barrier in agriculture, Tallopol SF 2 can be used to increase the hydrophilicity of these nonwoven to protect the plants from unwanted weeds while keeping them well irrigated.

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