How to optimise polyester dyeing process without compromising final quality


1 Dyeing Polyester, the most popular synthetic fiber in the world

In all its variations (virgin, recycled, biobased, etc.), polyester is the most popular synthetic fibre globally.

Since it’s cost-effective, super versatile, and lasts in time, it’s widely used in several textile applications: from fashion to safety garments, automotive and hygiene, and counting.

The versatility of this fibre is also required in the production stage, and all markets require a high standard of color yield.

Polyester is often blended with elastomeric fibres, which require different dyeing conditions to avoid the risk of damage.

To optimize the dyeing process, saving time and energy, preserving the substrate quality and the color yield performance, we developed a polyester dyeing accelerator: Livester BF.

2 The advantages of using a dyeing accelerator

Livester BF has outstanding performances for PES fibers and their blends dyeing with dispersing dyestuff; for example, in the case of 100% PES dyeing goods, it allows to achieve excellent exhaustion of the disperse dyestuff at temperatures lower than 130°C, for hanks, bobbins, and fabrics in beam and jet.

Obviously, applications at boiling point (OBA) are outstanding, as no pressure equipment is needed.

It’s perfect for uneven shades recovery, light and wet fastness are not affected, and it’s easily removed by washing after dyeing. Moreover, it has excellent dispersing power.

3 Livester BF environmental profile

Livester BF has an excellent environmental profile because, not only grants energy and time savings, but it’s also free from critical chemicals of concern for human and environmental health (Benzoates free), and it’s completely odorless for improved workplace conditions.

Livester BF is also approved by the most relevant certification bodies.

Find out more in the full Livester BF document

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