Bozzetto Group advanced chemistry



Bozzetto Group is a chemical company backed by a whole century of professional experience and a pulsating heart: our R&D, analysis and formulation, and applicative Labs.

The constant interaction between labs, product managers, production plants, and competence centers enables us to offer the customer a complete and competent service starting from the analysis and development of molecules/polymers to the final application of our product.

With this business model, we guarantee maximum efficiency regarding products and costs and maximum sustainability of products and production processes.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of specialty chemicals and the innovative solutions available, we manage the primary chemical technologies for our reference sectors:

  • acrylic polymers
  • esterification processes
  • ethoxylates
  • amides & methylquats
  • glyoxalic resins
  • polyester resins
  • phosphate esters.

Our chemical leadership is recognized mainly in Naphatlene sulphonates and Phosphonates.

The products based on NSC - Naphatlene sulphonates condensate- are mainly superplasticizers in concrete, emulsifiers, and stabilizers for water-based solutions of inorganic substances and dispersing agents with low wetting power and low foam for various applications.

The products based on ANS - Alkyl Naphatlene sulphonates are anionic surfactants with high wetting power for agrochemicals and emulsifiers for water-based solutions of organic and inorganic substances.

In over 50 years of market leadership, our strong know-how in synthesis and production has led to a product portfolio with extra-low formaldehyde and quinoline that allows the customer to choose safe handling products with a minimal environmental impact high level of industrial customization.

We produce around 100.000 TON/YRS in 4 production plants for more than 500 customers in over 60 countries worldwide.

Our phosphonates range - marketed as SEQUION® - consists of water-soluble chelating agents and scale inhibitors.

Our patented polymeric phosphonates -marketed as HYDRODIS® - are scale inhibitors with superior dispersing/chelating power that provides high performances in water treatment with a low environmental impact.

Both phosphonates and polymeric phosphonates are 100% made in Italy for superior quality and distributed worldwide.

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