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Application Lab

Our application laboratories are responsible for all chemical additives and measuring their performance under industrial-like conditions to provide the customer with the correct application methodology and the best recipe for his needs.

We also provide a production problem assessment service to understand where problems are generated and how to solve them.

The application lab strategically located in our headquarters coordinates the local labs in Spain, China, Turkey, the US, and Indonesia, for a global staff of about 25 people and about 1500 tests carried out every year.

Textile solutions applicative lab

Textile tests are the heart of our applicative activity: we have a man-made fibers department to test the performance of spin finishes, coning oils, antistats, and lubricants for the synthetic fibers sector, a laboratory dedicated to sizing, where we can test sizes and oils for threads and yarns.

For the traditional textile sector, we test and evaluate the qualitative performance of pretreatment, dyeing, and finishing of our chemical additives on fabrics, yarns, staple fibers, etc.

For the digital printing sector, we can test the performance of our anti-migrants for the preparation of fabrics for digital printing.

A special mention goes to the application lab in our sister company, Asutex Garment Lab: the kingdom of fashion applications.

In this lab, a creative and knowledgeable team develops new sustainable chemical auxiliaries and processes dedicated to the fashion business: outstanding solutions for denim washing and garment dyeing anticipating the fashion trends with full attention to the environmental impact.

Dispersion solutions application lab

In the dispersion application lab, we evaluate the performance of our products for the construction sector: we check the set times and the results of our superplasticizers, antifoams, and deaerants in mortar, cement, plasterboard, and ceramic.

All tests are conducted in a conditioned room under the most important ISO standards.

Water Solutions application lab

In this lab, we evaluate the behavior of our additives for formulations used in detergents, cosmetics, and water hardness treatment. We carry out tests for the threshold effect, primary and secondary washing, anti-scaling, and anti-back-staining.

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