Bozzetto group is a chemical company – founded in Bergamo in 1919 – that has grown and developed over the course of a century, becoming the successful international group it is nowadays.

The Bozzetto group produces chemical auxiliaries for the following industries: textiles, construction, water treatment, cosmetics, agrochemistry and many others.

A well-established network of partners and collaborators enables us to distribute all over the world and to be present with head office in 8 countries and 3 continents: Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, Turkey, China, Indonesia, United States.

Our business model

Our business model is focused on our customers and products, and to keep our quality
standard constantly high, we work on several fronts:

  • selection of the best raw materials;
  • development in in-house analytic and organic synthesis labs;
  • formulation of new products;
  • diversification of the range of product;
  • quality control and compliance with regulations and certifications;
  • deep application knowledge;
  • effective customer consultancy.

Our history 1919 - 2019



Giovanni Bozzetto founds Bozzetto Group, a chemical company for the textile industry, in



The Bozzetto Group diversifies its business by implementing the production of phosphonates and superplasticizer based on NSF (naphthalene sulfonates) for the textile and construction industries.



The Bozzetto Group is no longer a family business; the majority is purchased by a private equity company which begins expansion in Europe.


New production plants

Two new production plants open: in Salcedo (Spain) and Bucharest (Romania)


New production plants

Two new production plants open: in Duisburg (Germany) and in Tire (Turkey).


New production plant

A new production plant opens in Zabrze (Poland).



The Bozzetto group acquires the Stockhausen textile group with production plants in Ningbo (China) and Bandung (Indonesia) as well as places of business in Krefeld (Germany) and Greensboro (USA).



The textile production plant in Ningbo (China) is extended and renewed.



The Ningbo plant (China) is implemented with a line dedicated to the production of
naphthalene sulfonates (NSF).



The Bozzetto group acquires the Caci European line of business, an agrochemical industry specialised in the production of surfactants for the formulation of phyto-sanitary products.



The Bozzetto group doubles its production capacity and renews all the commercial services of the head office in Bandung (Indonesia).



Bozzetto group achieves its record turnover.



Our objective is to be a sound and reliable industrial reality for our partners, customers and workers as well as an influential point of reference for the sustainability of thechemical industry


We have 100 years of industrial history behind us which makes us strong in pursuing our objective by carrying out a series of important corporate, social and institutional actions:

  • constantly increase and improve our offer of products and services, always intended to reduce environmental impact and optimise production processes;
  • achieve higher and higher quality and sustainability standards, also thanks to certifications;
  • keep our identity influential and recognisable on the global market;
  • represent a point of reference for the territory and the institutions operating on it;
  • provide our employees with a healthy and safe working environment while observing the balance between work and private life.

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