QHSE – Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Our corporate policy in terms of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment is intended to supply our partners and customers with the best product and service, to reduce environmental impact to a minimum and to create a safe and healthy working environmentfor our workers.

The items of fundamental importance in defining the QHSE policy of our group are listed here below:

  • efficient coordination of production activities on the sites to guarantee the same quality level for the performance of products and services
  • the continuous development and utilisation of advanced technologies and techniques to obtain more and more efficient products in all sectors of application
  • compliance with regulations and certifications
  • the progressive reduction of polluting emissions
  • the training of the whole personnel scheduled at regular intervals
  • the regular update of the technical and safety documentation

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These certifications by the most important bodies recognised worldwide are just an example of our great care for quality, environment, health and safety:


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Responsible Care Program


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We have decided to join this programme worldwide promoting the Sustainable Development of the Chemical Industry on the basis of the essential values of Safety, Health and Environmental Sustainability as well as Corporate Social Responsibility, more in general.

Product stewardship

Product stewardship means the responsible management of the product during its life cycle. All the information on safety and compliance of our chemical products is gathered and constantly updated according to community directives and made known for a higher transparency level of products and services.

Bozzetto Group e REACH

In compliance with the REACH European Regulation, substances classified as dangerous are subject to the “chemical safety  assessmentent” and they must be necessarily registered.

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Thanks to a rational approach to the REACH subject, Bozzetto Group has taken the opportunity to optimise its own range of products by removing undesirable substances, reformulating products with vegetal origin raw materials and reducing waste to obtain fewer by-products

Even if the REACH regulation is valid in European territory only, we have established an approach for compliance with the Regulation concerning the whole group.

Policy for the prevention of major-accident hazards.