Cookie Policy

Cookie policy

The website and the landing pages of Bozzetto Group (hereinafter the “Website”) use both first party and third-parties’ cookies. A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on the user’s device to enable the website remember the device at the time of future visits to the same website or to enable the user to use certain website’s features. If cookies are set up by the website’s owner they are called first-party cookie, if set up by a subject other than the Website’s owner, they are called third-party cookies.

The first-party cookies installed on the Website are technical/functional which allow the correct deployment of the Website, for which the user’s prior consent in not required.

The third-party cookies used on the Website allow the use of certain specific functions, among which sharing contents on other social platforms or achieving analysis purposes. Some cookies collect both anonymous and aggregated data about behaviour of the visitors in order for them to enhance the browsing experience. In addition to the above cookies, we may use third-party services that use so-called beacons, small images used to track user activity on the Website. The use of these cookies and other tracking systems provided by third parties requires your consent, which you express by accepting cookies when you expressly accept them on the banner or by continuing browsing after you having read the banner. The consent can be revoked at any time, directly from your browser, as we explain below.

As to retention cookies period, this Website uses both session cookies, which only last for the duration of a browsing session, and cookies which last for a different period of time that can change in relation to the function and allow, for example, to keep your account login credentials or the language selected. At the expiration of the relevant term time, cookies are deleted automatically. For a list of the principal cookies used on the Website, please see the available information at this link:,It%20expires%20in%2030%20minutes.

The third-party cookies which are used on this website are: [PER FAVORE VERIFIFCARE E COMPLETARE]

  • Google Analytics
  • Linkedln

To manage the third-party cookies, you need to access the appropriate sections on the third-party sites where it is possible to choose the preferred setting of cookies.

How to disable or configure cookie settings from your browser:

Browsers offer some features that allow you to delete cookies or to choose from which sites do not accept cookies. Usually it is sufficient to access the section “Preferences” or “Settings” and click the sub section “Privacy” or “Browsing data”. Mobile devices browsers also offer the option to decide which cookies to accept and to delete.

Hereafter we provide some links that can be useful to set, according to the levels of privacy preferred by you, on the most popular browsers, as well as how to delete cookies stored on your browser.

Date of last update: 22.12.2020

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