We contribute to a responsibly safe future every day.

Chemical companies have always been considered great polluters both due to gas emissions, wastewaters, and the type of raw materials used and processed products made.

As a world-class chemical company, we have made sustainability the main engine of our development: we are not only aware of our responsibility, but above all, we believe that our contribution to a cleaner and safer future is of fundamental importance, and our voice is a powerful megaphone to drive change.

Our continuous investments on the Green Route are divided into three main categories.

  • Removal of undesirable substances from our products and production processes in favor of low-toxicity products for the human being and the environment.
  • Development of compound products to reduce COD (chemical oxygen demand), i.e., the quantity of oxygen required to degrade chemical compounds in wastewater.
  • Certification by external public and private bodies.

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  • Optimization of production processes to minimize waste and consumption of energy, water, and natural resources as well as products in our plants and the plants of our partners and customers.
  • Reduction of polluting emissions in the atmosphere and wastewaters.
  • Compensate CO2 emissions to pursue Net-Zero.

  • Research and selection of the most sustainable and effective raw material sourced from responsibly managed resources and responsible suppliers.
  • Recovery of production by-products to be reused as raw materials.
  • Use of energy coming from renewable sources.

Eco-sustainability for the chemical industry is a path that has led us so far, and that will lead us to a better future with great effort and our great satisfaction.

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