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Analytical Lab

Our analytical know-how comes from a circular environment, where the analysis laboratory is key to our company's production, R&D, and marketing departments.

Our Analytical Lab is in charge of evaluating raw materials, reverse engineering, setting up new analytical methods, and offering an analytical service to customers and external companies, together with knowledgeable technical support.

Thanks to our 100 years of heritage, cutting edge technologies, and deeply knowledgeable team, we can provide:

  • Standard analysis such as pH, conductivity, active matter and KF
  • acid-base and potentiometric titrations
  • Metal analysis and anion determinaton (ICP, IC)
  • Organic substances analysis (FT-IR, GC, GC-MS, HPLC)
  • Polymer analysis: determination of molecular weight & thermal stability (GPC; TGA; DSC)
  • Biodegradability evaluation (BOD, COD)

We start with general analyses and then move on to instrumental techniques to identify impurities or compounds at low concentrations, obtaining as complete a deformulation as possible.

Thanks to the outstanding experience acquired so far, we can provide analytical service to other companies and public and private entities.

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