dyeing bath


Chemical auxiliaries for dyeing are, for us, a well-established historical sector: the experience and knowledge acquired over the years enable us to guarantee the quality and performance of our formulas.

Our products are optimized for all dyeing processes: continuous, discontinuous, semi-continuous, and all types of fibres: natural, synthetic and artificial.

We can meet the highest market standards with the best performance levels in dyeing yield, colorfastness and levelness, and proper exhaustion and fixation of dyestuffs.

Our vast and diversified know-how is focused on research, development, and study of market demands and production dynamics.

Our range of products consists of:

  • dyeing auxiliaries (acid/alkali donors)
  • wetting agents
  • swelling agents (dyeing accelerators)
  • anti-migrating agents
  • sequestering agents
  • leveling agents
  • dispersing agents
  • soaping agents
  • fixing agents
  • anti-foaming agents
  • crack mark inhibitors

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