Prevention of the Antimony Compounds at the Geothermal Power Plants with HYDRODIS® GE Products

1 Addressing the stibnite scaling problem

The energy demand is increasing day by day. Therefore, the renewable and sustainable energy of geothermal power plants is vital.

The biggest problems seen in geothermal power plants are sedimentation and scaling.

The scaling occurs into the wells, pipelines, heat exchangers, etc., where the geothermal brine passes. Those locations where the elements and compounds in the geothermal brine precipitate under specific conditions forms scales. Those scales caused decreased efficiency of energy production.

During the energy production process, the temperature drops inside heat exchangers, and that causes the antimony (Sb) compounds got precipitated and cause scaling. Those scales negatively affect heat transfer and eventually cause less energy to be produced by causing blockage of the vaporizer, preheater, and filters. For this reason, stibnite scaling is a situation that should be taken into serious consideration.

2 Our solution

Until now, different methods have been developed against stibnite scalings.

As of 2020, HYDRODIS® GE by the Bozzetto Group stops the precipitation and cuts the operating costs. In this way, the antimony compounds where possibly creates scales got prevented and returned in the geothermal brine to the reservoir via reinjection wells by letting production continue without any energy loss.

Here you can read the complete research carried out by our dedicated team in Turkey.

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