water treatment

Water Treatment

Our range of chemical auxiliaries for water treatment controls the precipitation of inorganic salts in water, based on a process for the dispersion of cations and anions or the sequestration of cations.

The main application of these additives are Boilers, Cooling towers, Swimming pools, and Reverse osmosis plants.

Our chelating agents, marketed under the SEQUION brand name, include a wide range of classic phosphonates in liquid form, powder, or granules, at various degrees of neutralization, from the acid form to a wholly neutralized version.

Our dispersing agents consist of polymer products, subdivided into:

  • Derivatives of phosphonates (polymers functionalized by phosphonate groups developed and patented by Bozzetto research)
  • Derivatives of acrylic acid (homo- and co-polymers differently functionalized, such as dispersing agents for inert substances, mineral salts, and metal ions).

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