Bozzetto Group is a chemical company backed by a whole century of professional experience and a pulsating heart: our Research and Development labs for analysis and formulation.

The constant interaction between labs, product managers, production plants and competence centres enables us to offer the customer a complete and competent service starting from the analysis and development of molecules to the final application of our products with the purpose of guaranteeing maximum efficiency in terms of products and costs as well as maximum sustainability of products and production processes.

struttura molecolare di un ausiliario chimico

What do our labs do?

A team of 50 professionals all over the world offer highly specialised and accurate consultancy.

The Analytical Department is responsible for:

  • evaluating raw materials;
  • a wide range of analyses of chemical products;
  • setting up new analytical methods;
  • offering an analytical service for external companies.

The Research and Development Departments for organic synthesis and formulation:

  • selectively listen to the needs of the markets in cooperation with project managers and customers;
  • anticipate the new market trends by proposing innovative and sustainable products;
  • develop new products and optimise the products within the range;
  • cooperate with the QHSE department to ensure products comply with the new rules concerning dangerous chemical products;

beute per l'analisi chimica degli ausiliari

What are the main activities of our labs?

The main activities of our labs are:

  • Preparation of emulsions (macro, micro, based on silicone, fat amides or esters, etc.);
  • Preparation of high viscosity pastes;
  • Formulation of surfactants, enzymes, polymer dispersions, coating compounds, ester oils, sequestering and dispersing agents and many others;
  • Wide development of proprietary recipes to offer products in their most useful and appropriate form: liquid, emulsion, paste, powder, granules, flakes, etc.

The innovative technologies at our disposal and the know-how distinguishing our team enable us to work with the main chemistries for our sectors of reference: acrylic polymers, sulfonates and naphthalene sulfonates, esterification processes, ethoxylated, amides & methylquats, glyoxalic resins and polyester resins, phosphonates and phosphate esters.