We contribute to a responsibly safe future every day

Chemical companies have always been considered as great pollutants both due to gas emissions and waste waters as well as the type of raw materials and processed products.

As a world-class chemical company, we have made sustainability the main engine of our development: we are not only aware of our responsibility, but above all we believe that our
contribution to a cleaner and safer future is of fundamental importance and our voice a powerful megaphone to drive change.

Our continuous investments in eco-sustainability span over these different scopes:

  • search for and selection of the most sustainable and effective raw materials;
  • removal of undesirable substances from our products and production processes in favour of low-toxic products for the human being and the environment;
  • optimisation of production processes to minimise waste and consumption of water and electric resources as well as products in our plants and in the plants of our
    partners and customers;
  • reduction of polluting emissions in the atmosphere and in waste water;
  • use of electric energy coming from renewable sources;
  • certification by external public and private bodies.

The strength of our daily commitment is materialising in various examples, the first of which is the removal of formaldehyde from our products.

Formaldehyde is a biological compound generally occurring in nature: it is naturally produced by all living organisms and is present in many different foodstuffs (apples contain up to 20 mg/kg, lobsters up to 100 mg/kg).

Formaldehyde is also naturally released by vegetation (the forests of our planet globally release up to 10 million tons per year). Less than 1% of total emissions derive from industrialisation.

Since it is a natural phenomenon, formaldehyde cannot be completely removed and January 2016 saw the introduction of a series of rules concerning the labelling of products containing formaldehyde on the basis of its concentration; the lowest detectable level for which formaldehyde is not considered dangerous and there is no need to point it out on the label is 0.1% (1000 ppm).

Thanks to the profound expertise of our formulation and R&D teams, we have managed to develop products with a level of formaldehyde less than 20 ppm: a value 50 times lower than the value prescribed.

Another shining practical example of our green philosophy is the development of compound products to reduce COD (chemical oxygen demand), i.e. the quantity of oxygen required to degrade chemical compounds in waste water.

While keeping the same active substances and, therefore, the efficacy of the product, the reduction of co-formulants in a compound is intended to reduce its COD, thus making it more easily biodegradable. This approach represents a solution even to the use of effective inorganic substances for some production processes: inorganic substances have a very low COD, but if used on a large scale, they are likely to cause purification plants to clog and malfunction.

Even the use of natural raw materials is one of the activities we have implemented so far: an example is the effective use of cane sugar-based polymers in some stages of textile processes, such as dyeing and printing.

Actions carried out so far in triggering a virtual chemical circle have enabled us to achieve a great deal:

  • 3454 non dangerous items;
  • over 200 GOTS-approved products;
  • we are Bluesign® System Partner with over 80 products certified;
  • around 700 products listed by Inditex (class A);
  • 37 REACH-compliant registered substances;
  • over 130 products registered in the ZDHC gateway;
  • 399 items available for the production of OEKO-TEX® certified products;
  • all our production sites are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified;
  • abt. 58% of production waste are conveyed to external facilities for recovery;
  • we are members of the Responsible Care® programme.

Eco-sustainability for the chemical industry is a path that has led us so far and that will lead us to a better future with great effort and to our great satisfaction.