Fabrics often need special effects to reveal their uniqueness in the collections of the best-known brands; for this reason we have developed a wide range of chemical auxiliaries for fashion and technical effects that can convey personality and handfeel to textile substrates for clothing (denim, ready-to-dye, finished items and fabrics) and furnishings (textile for home).

Fashion applications are the production processes carried out by:

  • Coating, printing or foaming fabrics to convey fashion effects
    In this case, we are talking about ready-to-use compounds for spreading or printing and their additives (catalysts, wetting or thickening agents, touch modifiers and softeners) and liquid products for foaming.
  • Using inerts on ready-made items.
    In this case, we are talking about products for preparation, dyeing and finishing that can be realised by using various machines and methods (dipping, spraying, sprinkling, exhaustion, etc…)

Fashion effects and environmental sustainability.

All our products are developed and tested in our in-house application labs and the know-how of our team has enabled us to develop two collections of products particularly distinguishing from an environmental viewpoint:

  • Filmy special Arena
    An inert and porous carrier transferring the chemical product to the fabric or item with considerable energy saving (water, temperature, energy in use). It is completely biodegradable and it can be re-used in several treatments with the same chemical product.
  • Sprinkl.e
    Collection specifically realised for the next-gen plants carrying the chemical product through some vapour nanospheres, thus allowing for a considerable saving of energy resources.

Grazie a questi prodotti efficaci e innovativi, lavoriamo tessuti ei capi finiti per ispirare collezioni moda sempre fresche e sostenibili da esporre nel nostro prestigioso showroom. (manca traduzione)