Chemical auxiliaries represent a low percentage of the products involved in denim manufacturing, but they are present and absolutely necessary throughout the whole production process.

An average of 1 ton of cotton and 7,500 litres of water are necessary to produce 1,500 pairs of jeans, in addition to:

Our products dedicated to denim are developed to minimise the waste of resources and energy and to abate the pollution of waste water.

For instance, for the dyeing stage, we suggest dispersing and sequestering agents based on sugar polymers to enable the bacteria – naturally present in the sewage – to break molecules more easily so as to make the product easily biodegradable.

The use of products of synthetic origin for sizing, water soluble and easily removable, prevents the massive use of enzymes to clean the finished fabric.

As regards traditional and fashion finishing, we have a wide range of eco-sustainable, recyclable and certified products or specifically developed for new technologies having a low environmental impact.

These effective and innovative products enable us to process finished denim items to inspire fashion collections that are always fresh and sustainable for display in our glamorous showroom.