From fibre to garment.

Bozzetto Group started out as a chemical industry supplying the textile sector and the textile business has always been our flagship: our chemical auxiliaries having gone through the whole production cycle for one century, from the fibre to the garment while guaranteeing extremely high levels of performance, reliability and optimisation, as well as maximum attention to eco-sustainability.

Man Made Fibers: we deliver solutions and technical support to customers producing all types of synthetic and artificial fibres: from viscose to polyamidepolyester and polypropylene.
Our products,modifierslubricants, anti-statics agents and other high-performance additives, contribute to improving the performance levels of the fibre at any stage of the process, from spinning to weaving.

Sizing: our auxiliaries for Sizing protect threads and yarns, improve resistance to abrasion as well as the weaving performance of any kind of fibre.

Rocche di filo trattate con ausiliari chimici

Preparation: excellent results in terms of degree of whiteness and cleanliness of the fibres are achieved thanks to our high-quality eco-compatible solutions and an excellent technical service able to convey dedicated recipes and processes.

Dyeing: ur chemical auxiliaries for dyeing guarantee high levels of performance for fixing and levelling the dyestuff; thanks to the synergy of labs, project managers and customers, we are constantly developing new eco-compatible and made-to-measure solutions that guarantee a high-quality dyeing process for all fibres

Digital Print: greater brightness, rendering of colour and definition of models on printed products with our innovative products, specifically developed for pre- and post- ink jet printing.

Finish: competitive products characterised by high performance and eco-sustainability certified for traditional applications (such as softeners, resins, etc.) and active finish (waterproof, stain repellent, technical application, etc.)

Lamination: chemical auxiliaries and glues for the realisation of multi-layer products for clothing, textiles for furniture, internal coatings for automotive products.

Fashion: for the fashion world we have a complete range of performing chemical products to confer personality to fabrics, denim and ready-to-dye garments.

All our products are developed, tested and applied in our internal coating and wet-processing labs, where the sense of the made in Italy style and the strict application standards required by the fashion world work in close contact.
Our company’s most recent project is a cutting-edge showroom where the most creative ideas and applications are presented and specifically developed for inspiration of the best fashion collections

Ausiliari chimici per il trattamento di capi fashion

Our products, which are protagonists in all components of the supply chain, are certified by the best-known international public and private bodies, such as Bluesign®, Gots, ZDHC, List by Inditex, because we strongly believe that a nice item must also be a good item.