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Wastewater, how to deal with THE environmental concern topic

1 Addressing the issue

Wastewater is any kind of water that has been affected by man. Industrial wastewater is the by-product of industrial processes which can contain different levels of pollutants, and it is one of - maybe THE - most important environmental concern topics.

One of the major targets of Sustainable Development Goal 6 is reducing water pollution while preventing plastic pollution, and the 2021 World Environment Day launched the #GenerationRestoration campaign to actively engage with water preservation and cleaning.

Bozzetto Group, as a chemical company, cannot deny that textile industries are among the worst dangers for water preservation, both for consumption and pollution.

Having such a significant impact made us switch to the most committed actors on the scene and a powerful driver to a global change.

2 Lead the virtuous circle

So, how do we lead a virtuous circle and nurture a healthier, wiser, and more environmentally aware business? In many ways, actually.

Invest in R&D to develop better chemical products:

  • free of toxic and/or harmful substances;
  • highly biodegradable;
  • with a lower level of BOD and COD;
  • more effective (optimized quantity of chemicals needed to get the expected results).

Reclaim wastewater and transform it into reusable resources which can be used for:

  • irrigation systems;
  • replenishing surface water;
  • fulfilling domestic and/or industrial use;

Collaborate with institutions to share a strategic approach to sustainable and profitable business:

  • Be compliant with regulations
  • Be supported in business revisions
  • Discuss the opportunities and the limits of the current local laws
  • Demanding for a global commitment

3 The importance of advocacy

Advocating water preservation and cleaner wastewater policy:

  • be inspirational
  • set an example for the market
  • stand for the change.

We believe that a strong knowledge combined with a respectful mindset can lead to sustainable textile industry, deeply involved in improving wastewater and saving the aquatic ecosystem.

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