1 Hydrogen Peroxide activator for bleaching at low temperature

Concern over the environmental impact from the industrial processing of cotton and its blends has increased in recent years. Bleaching of cellulosic materials is commonly performed at the boiling point.

To reduce the ecological footprint of the bleaching process, we developed CATAL B70, a bleaching booster that works as low as 70°c in discontinuous processes on natural fibers and their blends.

CATAL B70 drastically reduces energy consumption during the process and delivers an exceptional degree of whiteness and absorbency without strength loss.

Moreover, the green profile of CATAL B70 is acknowledged by the most important environmental certifications.

2 CATAL B 70 main features

Sustainable formulation:

- Free of hazardous chemicals


  • Lower temperature
  • Shorter process
  • Lower CO2 emissions

Better quality and consistency of ready-to-dye goods:

  • Total removal of cotton seeds
  • Consistent and reproducible results
  • Suitable for pale and dark color shades
  • Better textile substrate quality:
  • Less weight loss
  • Less degradation of cellulose
  • Better mechanical strength

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