The constant research in the ceramic sector to find the better solution in terms of Fluidity and deflocculant power brought our company to search for the best molecular structures to solve the various problems in this sector

1 Fluidity is the key

We increased the product portfolio with different additives in liquid and powder form from this topic to follow all the market and customer requests.

To increase the Fluidity, the brand name is FLUBE CER, Fluidizer additives based on NSC (Naphthalene sulphonate polymer) with a high synergy with all the substrates used in ceramic bodies.

We have different types of FLUBE CER products, in liquid and powder form, sodium with high sulfate values and low content of sulfates.

For different and specific works, the calcium salt of Flube CER is present to increase the portfolio of fluidizer additives and meet all the market requests.

It's possible to provide mechanical resistance, soundness of the ceramic body, and better clay workability by incorporating binders, fluidizers, and dispersion agents in the ceramic mix.

Moreover, FLUBE CER prevents black heart problems, does not interfere with the glazing process, and allows consistent saving of energy for easier drying and much lower water consumption.

2 Deflocculant agents

A range for the ceramic mix is not complete without deflocculant agents: in our portfolio, we have the VEBE-CER family:

phosphonates and polymeric phosphonates (HEDP - ATMP - DTPMP derivative).

We have in our portfolio several deflocculant agents with different characteristics in terms of chemical structure and behavior in various applications. As the fluidizer products, the VEBE CER family is present in other physical forms (liquid and powder) with varying ph to follow the different characteristics of substrates.

Last but not least, CERAM is our range of Defoamers for ceramic suspensions and glaze.

They are non-silicone Tributoxyethyl phosphate or non-silicone Ethoxylated-propoxylated alcohol to decrease the bubbles content in specific processing.

All the defoamers of Bozzetto are compatible with FLUBE CER and VEBE CER additives.

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