Personal Care

Specialties for beauty

The range of auxiliaries for the personal care field results from our deep knowledge of chemistry and its typical applications.

Our chemistry finds a new application in the highly specialized field of cosmetics, thanks to the support of our research and development department.

In this context, we can provide chemical specialties for the various application areas, capable of improving the qualities of cosmetic formulas or conveying specific functions.

Hair Care: functional ingredients for the formulation of oxidation dyes that can convey specific qualities, such as hair protection against external agents, improved color penetration, silk-effect, and better combability. They are commercialized under the brand name Silkrom.

Sun Protection: The main ingredient in the formulation of creams and products for sun care is sun protection, such as titanium dioxide (TiO2) and zinc oxide (ZnO), and needs to be kept in optimal dispersion to guarantee an efficacious sun product. HYDRODIS SUN is our dispersing agent to solve the optimal distribution of inorganic sun protection in the water.

Make-up: the perfect homogenization of inorganic pigments in the aqueous phase of such formulations or powder products is provided by our unique dispersant, HYDRODIS MK. It improves the cosmetic formula's hiding power, increases the color brightness, and homogenizes the pigment distribution in the recipe.

Oil&fragrances: we provide a series of chelants for metal ions, completely soluble at fat / oily stages. These chelants – marketed under the Lipokel brand – may be used within raw materials and in cosmetic formulas at the lipid stage to guarantee protection against oxidation processes, bad smells, discoloration processes.

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