home care detergency

Home Care

Improving the value of water for I&I and homecare.

Over 100 years of know-how in chemical production and more than 50 years experience in producing phosphonates and providing technical support, allow us to offer you the best solutions for more efficient and lower impacting environmental detergents.

We produce chelating and dispersing agents specifically developed to control water hardness and inhibit scale formation in Dishwashing (domestic and professional), Laundry (domestic and professional), Car washing, and Hard surfaces cleaning.

Our chelating agents are phosphonates in the form of liquids, powder, or granules. They have various degrees of neutralization, from the acid form to a wholly neutralized version.

Our dispersants and threshold agents are called Hydrodis® and are special phosphonates developed and patented by the Bozzetto Group.

The main characteristics of these chemicals are the presence of phosphonate functional groups on a typical dispersing chemical backbone of the molecule.

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