digital printed texture

Digital Printing

We have approached the world of auxiliaries for digital printing, a young and dynamic application area that has acquired considerable importance over the last decade.

Thanks to the experience accrued in the other fields of textile auxiliaries, we can provide a package of products that can technically support the requirements of any digital printing process.

When directly printing through reactive, disperse, pigments, and acids inks, in pre- and post-treatment processes, our products allow digitally printed fabrics to convey reproduced images with a high degree of resolution and colors that are always bright and light-fast over time.

Our range of products consists of:

  • Anti-migrating agents and primers for pre-treatment which are all the chemical substances necessary to anchor the dyestuff to the textile substrate properly but cannot be added to the ink formulation for technical reasons.
  • Fixing and soaping agents for post-treatment to mainly remove excess ink that has not been fixed and increase printouts' colorfastness and durability.

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