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Pretreatment auxiliaries

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We produce Pretreatment auxiliaries: specific chemical additives intended to remove the various natural or synthetic impurities that may prevent the dyeing bath from penetrating and spreading into the textile substrate.

Fibres must be bleached and made perfectly hydrophilic through proper preparation treatments.

We selected some of our most relevant products for the pretreatment sector:

  • Catal B70: Hydrogen peroxide activator for bleaching at low temperature
  • Idrosolvan RO7: Innovative and sustainable detergent for preparation
  • Natron 350: Wetting agent for mercerization and caustification processes
  • Sultafon PAD G5: High-yield wetting/detergent for CPB / continuous scouring & bleaching
  • Unicel FCL: Compound specifically designed for pad-steam bleaching of cotton woven fabrics
  • Sultafon XK: High-yield wetting/detergent for continuous scouring & bleaching
  • Solopol ZB Conc: Sugar polymer-based dispersing agent

We also created a selection of products for different kinds of applications:

  • Recycled PET
  • Denim
  • Home Textile
  • Shirting
  • Terry towel

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