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MEGALASE G24: Amylase enzyme for desizing of woven fabrics sized with starchy derivatives. Excellent biodegradability. GOTS approved.

SULTAFON PAD-G5: High-yield wetting-detergent for continuous and semi-continuous desizing, scouring and bleaching processes of cellulosic fabrics.

SEQUION 48/98: Sequestering and anti-scaling agent. Effective in the bleaching bath with sodium silicate.

CELIDON WB: Stabilizing agent for the alkaline bleaching with hydrogen peroxide; specific for pad-steam and cold pad-batch.

NATRON 350: High yield wetting agent for mercerization and caustification processes.


FIMBIL E-AS: Anionic wetting agent, specifically developed for dyeing.

MIGROSTOP CPA: Anti-migrating agent for continuous dyeing; avoid different colour shade “centre-selvedge”.

SOLOPOL CRD: Eco-friendly solution with outstanding levelling action for reactive dyeing.

ISOPON HDS PLUS: Soaping agent for vat and reactive dyestuff; anti-redeposition effect, avoids the staining of the white areas of printed goods.

FISSAT ST40: Formaldehyde free fixing agent for direct and reactive dyestuff.


ALFALINA NV 100: Non-ionic solid softener based on vegetable raw material from sustainable source; helping carbon footprint reduction.

SEBOSAN SXA NEW: Slippery and soft handfeel. It improves sewability, tear and tensile strength on all kind of textile substrates.

SEBOSAN ALZ: It confers soft, slippery handfeel and hydrophilic properties for all kind of fibres. Can be combined with other auxiliaries to improve elasticity, wrinkles-recovery and sewability of the treated fabrics.

WELLIN PE: Synthetic wax for high quality woven finishing. Softener imparting sliding effect, improving abrasion, resistance and fabrics sewability. In combination with wrinkle-free resins (REACEL ZF/REACEL ZF CAT) WELLIN PE increases the tear strength of the fabric.


REACEL ZF CAT REACEL ZF is a pre-catalyzed “zero add-on” formaldehyde resin for the finishing of cellulosic fabrics and their blend. Article treated with REACEL ZF CAT shows a very good anticrease effect and a good resiliency without developing formaldehyde.

REAPRET TC/NF Special antistatic agent for all man-made fibers and their blend. Improves the confort of the treated articles.

REAPRET L 26 Anti-slipping agent with soft hand-feel.

CRILOTAN WRG FF Self cross-linking resin and hand-feel modifier with outstanding performance as anti-pilling finishing agent. “Zero add-on” formaldehyde product. Imparts full and soft hand-feel.

water & oil repellents

REAPRET F SERIES: Resins for water & oil repellent finishing, offers fastness to laundering and to dry cleaning and can be applied on cellulosic and synthetic fabrics.

REAPRET AFH: Reapret AFH guarantees top quality waterproof performance to cellulosic, proteic and synthetic fabrics and their blends. It does not affect significatly articles handfeel.

REAPRET Z: Reapret Z is a flouro-free waterproof agent that confers hydrophobic performance to cellulosic, proteic and synthetic fibres and blends. Reapret Z does not require either curing or the use of catalysts and is a cost-effective water repellent whenever not permanent performances are required.

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