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Finishing Auxiliaries

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Our chemical auxiliaries for finishing cover a wide range of textile ennoblement options.

We selected some of our most relevant products for the finishing sector:

Alfalina NV 100: Non-ionic solid softener made from vegetable origin raw materials

Alfalina CV 100: Cationic solid softener made from vegetable origin raw materials, with antistatic properties

Cerofil FTD: Hand modifier and process enhancer for sanforizing and raising

Reapret SR-New: Hydrophilic, antistatic & soil release durable finishing for polyester fibres and blends

Sebosan ALZ: Hydrophilic silicone mico-emulsion; soft and fresh handfeel

Sebosan PRK: High-quality elastomeric finishing for extra softness and elasticity

Sebosan SXA New: High-quality elastomeric finishing with excellent soft handfeel

Reacel ZF: Zero add-on formaldehyde resin for the anticrease finishing

Wellin PE Conc: Concentrated ready-to-use synthetic wax for high-quality woven finishing

Reapret AFH: Premium fluoro-free water-repellent finishing agent

Crilotan WRG-FF: Handfeel modifier and antipilling finishing agent

We also created a selection of products for different kinds of applications:

  • Recycled PET
  • Denim
  • Home Textile
  • Shirting
  • Terry towel

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