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Dyeing auxiliaries

Thank you for expressing interest in our Dyeing product portfolio.

Our products are optimized for all dyeing processes and all types of fibres.

We can meet the highest market standards with the best performance levels in dyeing yield, colorfastness and levelness, and proper exhaustion and fixation of dyestuffs.

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We selected some of our most relevant products for the dyeing sector:

  • Cindye VAS: carrier for the dyeing of aramid fibres
  • Permulsin ELB: all-in-one solution for PES dyeing
  • Permulsin AO300: anti-oligomer auxiliary in polyester dyeing
  • Livester BF: multifunctional dyeing accelerator for PES
  • Isopon HDS Plus: Innovative solution for soaping reactive dyed goods
  • Isopon ERC: Eco-friendly solution for PES reduction clearing
  • Isopon FPS: Reducing agent, suitable for clearing treatment of PES and its blends
  • Isopon PM: Multipurpose solution for the equipment functional cleaning
  • Migrostop CPA: High-performance anti-migrating agent for continuous dyeing
  • Fissat ST40: Formaldehyde-free fixing agent for cellulosic fibres
  • Permulsin PDE: High-yield levelling/dispersing agent for the dyeing of PES fibers with disperse dyestuffs
  • Permulsin ELF - ELF Extra: Naphthalene Sulphonate product range for textile
  • Solopol B34: Levelling agent for critical reactive dyeing with buffering action
  • Isopal P 150: Levelling agent for vat and direct dyestuff, surfactant-free

We also created a selection of products for different kinds of applications:

  • Recycled PET
  • Denim
  • Home Textile
  • Shirting
  • Terry towel

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