dyed leather


The leather division was born from our significant experience in formulating naphthalene-sulfonates for various industrial sectors.

Over the years, we have developed a series of highly-performing products for the tanning sector, from wet-end to finishing, to offer the industry's companies a range of highly selected products ensuring high-quality standards.

For the wet-end stage, we have formulated the products of the CINDET line, wetting surfactants that can be used throughout the whole process.

For leather retanning and finishing, we have a range of products for several applications:

  • WELLTAN: retanning acrylic polymers to improve the performance of resistance, firmness, and fullness of leather in chrome retanning;
  • ASTER: dispersing agents based on naphthalene sulfonates to disperse dyes or tanning and retanning substances based on vegetable or synthetic extracts;
  • CINLEVEL: dye leveling, to delay the upward-movement of the color onto the leather to guarantee more outstanding lightfastness;
  • CINSOFT: touch modifiers for any use of the leather, from the softest to the most resistant.

Our brands dedicated to leather are well-appreciated by the market, not only for their efficacy and reliability but also for their sustainability: a minimal formaldehyde content characterizes all products based on naphthalene-sulfonate.

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