Growing efficacy

Our agrochemical auxiliaries intend to operationally improve the quality of the products used in the various fields of agriculture and encourage the availability and functionality of the active substances to be formulated (such as phytosanitary products) and achieve a more highly performing finished product.

We provide a wide range of wettingdispersing, and anti-caking agents based on the chemistry of naphthalene sulfonates.

  • Auxiliaries for crop protection: wetting and dispersing agents to protect plants by vaporizing the phytosanitary product in the form of drops that must reach the target by wetting it or uniformly spreading over it.
  • Auxiliaries for fertilizers: anti-caking specific products and mixtures that can be used in the formulation for coating nitrate ammonium granules on the surface to reduce the tendency to absorb humidity and pack.

Auxiliaries for irrigation processes: specific additives for controlling the hardness of the water used for agricultural purposes, based on chelation or dispersion of cations.

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