The control of water used in domestic or industrial cleaning processes is of great importance to guarantee the operation of the detergent and the cleanliness of the equipment.

It is well-known that the functionality of standard surfactants used in the preparation of detergents may be compromised by the presence of metal ions in solution, such as calcium and magnesium, which can be generally found in water. The only way to safeguard the activity of the detergent in removing dirt is to provide the formula with a structural component, referred to as builder, intended to control the hardness of water.

The presence of cations in water is also responsible for the precipitation of inorganic salts (calcium carbonate) causing scaling inside the equipment used in washing processes thus compromising its operations. In this case, too, use of an scale inhibitor is of fundamental importance.

Bozzetto advises the use of chelating and dispersing agents specifically developed to control water hardness and inhibit the scale formation, in the following application fields:

  • Dishwashing (domestic and professional)
  • Laundry (domestic and professional)
  • Car washing
  • Hard surfaces cleaning