The series of Bozzetto’s dispersing agents consists of polymer products, subdivided into two chemical categories:

  • Derivatives of phosphonates
  • Derivatives of acrylic acid

The polymers deriving from phosphonate chemistry are marketed under the HYDRODIS name. These dispersing agents – developed and patented by Bozzetto research – are polymers functionalized by phosphonate groups intended to combine the dispersing capacity of polymers with the typical properties of phosphonates, such as their chelating power, their capacity to alter the crystalline growth of mineral salts and the threshold effect.

HYDRODIS polymers are marketed in the form of liquids and granules, at various degrees of neutralisation, from acid to neutral. The DSE brand name refers to the range of acrylic polymers produced by Bozzetto.

Within this range, we suggest omo- and co-polymers differently functionalized, such as dispersing agents for inert substances, mineral salts and metal ions. Bozzetto’s dispersing polymers are applied in the following fields: