Substances based on fat or oil (of both natural and synthetic origin) are widely used in cosmetics. These substances can naturally contain or come into contact with metal transition ions, such as Fe 2+ and Cu 2+ .

Contamination by metal ions may represent a serious problem in the quality of fats as raw materials or cosmetic finished products; as a matter of fact, metals represent a catalyst for the oxidation processes responsible for oils, fragrances and lipid-based active substances progressively deteriorating or turning rancid.

Bozzetto suggests a series of chelants for metal ions, completely soluble at fat / oily stages.

These chelants – marketed under the Lipokel brand – may be used within raw materials and in cosmetic formulas at the lipid stage to guarantee protection against oxidation processes.

The advantages of using Lipokel in cosmetic products include:

  • slowdown of oxidation processes
  • protection against the development of bad smells
  • slowdown of discoloration processes
  • stabilisation of lipophilic ingredients in cosmetic formulations