The synergy between our chemists and fibre experts enables us to develop spin finishes suitable for standard and innovative processes and technologies. The long experience acquired in the lab, in our pilot plants and at industrial installations enables us to optimise the product according to every single
customer’s specific needs.

Our spin finishes guarantee excellent results in terms of fibre cohesion, anti-static properties and lubrication; they are heat-stable (more rapid management during production, better fibre performance during dyeing and good colourfastness) and they can be easily washed (considerably less flaws in the fabric).

Sustainability of our spin finishes is one of the key points of our continuous research: we are currently able to offer biodegradable products because they are free of mineral oil.

At present the range of spin finishes includes products for Viscose, Polyamide, Polypropylene and Polyester:

Finish for filament

Our spin finishes for PA and PES are biodegradable and they have been designed for the high-speed LOY – FDY extraction and POY – DTY spinning process. These products are heat-stable with a small quantity of residual product. The exclusive chemical formulation offers a low interface tension and an excellent cohesion of filaments during the warping and texturing process.

These products dissolve perfectly in water which ensures better dyeing uniformity and makes washing easy.

The spin finishes for the PP filament are FDA LISTED (suitable for food contact) and specifically designed for tapes, yarns and BCF. Our spin finishes confer an excellent anti-static effect and lower fibre friction to improve machinability and further processability.

We have created products that can adapt to various types of technological layout for PP production.

Finish for staple fibre

Our spin finishes for polyamide staple fibres are all-in-one formulas used in the production of multi-filament staple fibres starting from raw or recycled material.

They also provide low F / M friction, excellent heat stability and high F / F static cohesion, ideal properties for carding and higher rotation speeds.
These biodegradable spin finishes are designed for single filaments in the low-denier range.

The spin finishes for polypropylene staple fibres are all-in-one biodegradable products for single- and multi-filament staple fibres. Our lubricants ensure low metal friction values and a high F / F static cohesion.

Finish for nonwoven

Our spin finishes for non-woven PA and PES are characterised by excellent heat stability which – combined with anti-static agents – ensures low fibre friction values for the heat-sizing process.

We have developed products with excellent wetting properties for the production of non- wovens for the hygiene sector.

For the PP raw fibre we have a range of spin finishes that guarantee low fibre friction values and a slightly scroopy touch during mechanical needle punching.

The excellent heat stability of these products makes them suitable for recycled PP fibres and quality staple fibres.