The texturing and twisting of synthetic yarn are steps of fundamental importance in the production of textiles.

The experience we have gathered in raw materials and production processes enables us to supply ecologically advanced coning oils, developed by means of patented technologies.

Our coning oils are characterised by excellent performance levels in terms of fibre cohesion, anti-static properties and lubrication; they are heat-stable, easily washable, biodegradable and anti-spray.

Our range of coning oils is optimised for each type of synthetic fibre and production process; they are easily biodegradable and also ideal as carding finishers.

They contain no mineral oils and are very heat-stable with low carbon emission levels in waste waters and post-treatment processes.

Yarn producers may choose within a wide range of products based on coning oil, whose chemistry can be adapted to the customer’s final needs as well as to the field of application.

Optimal lubrication can be achieved at various levels of viscosity, heat stability, and biodegradability.