Dispersants are organic substances with a high molecular weight, useful in avoiding precipitates due to a possible interaction between metal ions and the various reagents used in preparation and dyeing processes.

Moreover, their high dispersing capacity is intended to keep washing / desizing baths – enriched in glues / sizes – stable for a longer period, and to maintain dyeing baths – set up with large amounts of dyestuffs and electrolytes – in perfect dispersion.

They are often used in soaping phases too. In dyeing baths, they favour and keep the “solubilisation” of the different chemical structures high (e.g. dyestuffs, hardness, oligomers); in doing so, it is possible to considerably reduce the risk of faultiness and irregularities related to poor dispersion of the dyestuffs and – in some respects – to contribute to keeping machinery cleaner, for a longer time.