We can state that Bozzetto Group is a market leader in producing and marketing auxiliaries for the production of viscose. Our products are used by major world-wide players and they cover the whole industrial process, from cellulose treatments to finishes for the final product.

Bozzetto Group and auxiliaries for Viscose

Bozzetto is also a market leader in process auxiliaries for the Modal fibre, thanks to decades of experience with the main producers. We differentiate thanks to the high performance and excellent environmental impact of our products which cover, in particular, the market segments with the highest added value.

Tessuto MMF Viscosa trattato con ausiliari chimici

When auxiliaries for Viscose are used

The viscose production process starts from cellulose, which can be treated by our reactivity auxiliaries for cellulose. Cellulose is then converted into cellulose xanthate and dissolved in sodium hydroxide, to which process auxiliaries such as modifiers and process auxiliaries can be added.

The fibre is then produced in a bath, where our stabilisers are used to guarantee exceptional process stability. Finally, the fiber is treated with finishes able to impart the right lubricating, cohesive and antistatic properties.

Dettaglio fibre artificiali viscosa MMF

R&D on auxiliaries used with Viscose

Research and development are constantly employed to improve existing products and to develop new auxiliaries.

In particular, for viscose auxiliaries, we make use of a modern pilot plant enabling us to simulate industrial conditions by assessing the performance levels of our auxiliaries and the impact on the customers’ process.

Our range of products consists of: