The elimination of formaldehyde from our additives has been one of the most successful results of our company’s continuous research and innovation. Therefore all our superplasticizers for plasterboard are formaldehyde free.

The need to reduce mixing water to the same degree of workability and fluidity is one of the major demands of the plasterboard market, as well as to optimise the setting times for

Fluidizers or water reducers are the ideal solution for this problem:

  • They reduce the quantity of water necessary to obtain the same degree of fluidity.
  • Greater flowability can be obtained with the same quantity of water.
  • Moreover, a smaller amount of mixing water creates greater water/gypsum interaction, thus increasing the percentage of binding agent in the mixture and enhancing its structural features.

The superplasticizers produced for gypsum are: FLUBE consisting of naphthalene sulphonic polymers (NSF).

The family of naphthalene sulphonate products has always been the ensign of Bozzetto quality. The various chemical properties of these products allows the production of gypsum slurries with a low water/gypsum ratio, reducing the amount of water used, favouring dispersion and increasing flowability. The performance of Flube products is excellent, even when mixed with the other additives generally used to produce gypsum-based slurry.

All NSF products are formaldehyde free, and available in liquid or powder form.