When producing plasterboard or gypsum manufactured articles in general, the use of additives is of fundamental importance to increase productivity and the physical properties of the end product.

Fluidizers are the additives mostly used in the production of plasterboard panels where reducing the water/gypsum ratio and increasing flowability are of fundamental importance for the production of panels with high mechanical features and optimal drying times so as to encourage energy saving.

Moreover, special attention to environmental issues has also allowed for the development of formaldehyde-free products.

After carrying out a careful and scrupulous study of the plasterboard production process and intensive testing with large-scale manufacturers, we have been able to understand and fulfil the actual requirements of the market.

R&D products for plasterboard

The elimination of formaldehyde from our additives has been one of the main successes due to continuous research and innovation. We have been able to create a product with the same performance levels that have always characterised our products, while paying greater attention to environmental impact.

The development of our additives for plasterboard, in the form of powders and granules, has also enabled us to extend the range of products and to give our customers better answers. We continue to operate with other companies in improving our range of products and, above
all, the development of new additives.

Moreover, over the years, we have cooperated with various universities to search for new innovative solutions and present scientific articles at various congresses, even worldwide.