One of the problems mostly affecting concrete is to keep it workable for as long as possible after mixing. This is necessary in the case of lengthy transport or on the various occasions when concrete must maintain the same flowability and rheology without hardening. Few plasticizing additives are able to increase workability and this is why it is necessary to conceive and develop products referred to as “workability retention agents (WRA)”.

Copolymer 3973 workability extender

When spiked with superplasticizers, the time of workability for concrete often needs to be extended, allowing it to remain fluid longer after production. These additives – mixed with superplasticizers – allow workability to be extended without implying a drastic change in setting times and in the mechanical performance of the concrete once it has hardened.

Bozzetto Group has therefore conceived and developed a modified acrylic polymer intended to improve workability time.