Concrete requires well-defined physical-chemical properties. This is the reason why Bozzetto is producing additives intended to improve the quality of concrete performance at all stages to enhance the quality of the end product and environmental impact.

Control of fluiditysetting times, quantity and quality of englobed air are some of the items we wish to suggest and improve in the Construction business.

The line of products for concrete consists of the basic products (not mixtures) necessary to obtain high-quality additives and the best cost-benefit ratio for application of ready-mix and pre-cast concrete.

R&D products for concrete

Our products are characterised by continuous innovations, such as the search for products
that increase the workability of additive-enhanced concrete, using varieties of workability extenders, which can be blended with additives already available on the market.

Another innovation is the continuous search for additives, not only in the liquid form, but also powder and granules, for various types of applications so as to extend the range of products and better answer our customers’ questions.

We continue to operate with other companies in improving our range of products and, above all, in the development of new additives.

In addition, over the years, Bozzetto has cooperated with various universities in the search for innovative solutions and the presentation of scientific articles at various congresses, even worldwide. (such as for instance: CANMET ACI 2018 Bejing, CHINA).