Fluidity at work

Chemical additives for the construction and building industry are intended to modulate the workability of cement substrates, such as mortar, concrete, plasteboard e ceramics.

Each substrate with its specific characteristics and performances needs auxiliaries that effectively act on several: density and dilutions, weight, processing and setting time, transportation time and many others.

Bozzetto Group: Chemical additives for Construction

Mostly, superplasticizers that reduce the water quantity necessary to achieve a precise viscosity of mortar, concrete and plasterboard make up the range of Bozzetto’s chemical auxiliaries for the building and construction industry; these additives are absorbed by cement particles and keep cement grains uniformly dispersed in the mixture.

Our superplasticizers are based on naphthalene sulfonates (NSF), a long-standing chemical formula that has been reviewed to lower the quantity of formaldehyde to a level considered non-dangerous because not traceable.

Set retarders for mortar and concrete, anti-foaming agents, workability extenders and viscosity modifiers can be numbered among our chemical products for the construction

Research and Development: chemical auxiliaries for the building sector

An interesting part of our research is focused on chemical auxiliaries for the ceramic world;after acquiring a long-term experience with other materials, we have developed fluidising and plasticising, binders, deflocculating and anti-foaming chemical auxiliaries as well as
for digital printing on the ceramic substrate.