Operations intended to vaporise and distribute pesticides on plants starting from a concentrate of active substances are not simple and often imply a series of problems related to operation conditions that must be prevented and properly controlled by using formulation auxiliaries directly combined with the active substance in concentrated products.

The first step in protecting plants consists in vaporising the phytosanitary product in the form of drops that must reach the target by wetting it or uniformly spreading over it. Specific types of surfactants can activate the pesticide in this respect and they are generally referred to as wetting and dispersing agents.

Within the scope of auxiliary products for pesticides, Bozzetto is producer of two categories:

Wetting agents are intended to:

  • Reduce the surface tension of the pesticide drops vaporised on the plant for better contact with the target;
  • Reduce the tendency of pesticide drops to slide or bounce off the target so as to prevent absorption;
  • Improve drop drying for better adhesion of the active substance onto the target and, therefore, better absorption.

Dispersing agents are intended to guarantee:

  • Perfect homogenisation and dispersion of active substances at the time of preparing the pesticide in water for vaporisation;
  • Better stability of the suspension of active substances in water and better utilisation at the time of applying the pesticide.

Bozzetto’s wetting and dispersing products are ideal for the preparation of formulas containing phytosanitary products in the following categories:

  • wettable powder (WP)
  • water dispersible granules (WDG)
  • suspended emulsion (SE)
  • suspension concentrate (SC)