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The basic elements set out in the Quality Policy are:

  1. set out and adhere to the Quality Policy system in compliance with norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, to grant Customers requirements in the long terms;
  2. cut out any non-conformity before shipping to Customers;
  3. progressively reduce non-conformity products manufactured over one year time, by committing all concerned personnel;
  4. periodically up-date technical and safety products information and their release to all concerned personnel;
  5. coordinate production of all Sites of the Group so to offer same level of quality in terms of product performance and services rendered;
  6. develop progressive advanced innovations for products and extend it to all BU;
  7. enable and practice formal changes into the Group Organization so to keep up with Customers requirements;
  8. allocate ongoing training of our personnel from each segment of the company to increase our competitiveness;
  9. integrate the Quality Policy with the Safety/Environment System.

These basic elements are in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 (Quality management system- Requirements and guidance for use) guidance. Bozzetto Group quality program will include corporate certification as future task.

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