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Questions and notifications to the Compliance Committee

Employees, directors, officers and any other person who has any business relationship of any kind with the Company or is otherwise in contact with the Company, may request clarifications, information or ask any questions to the Compliance Committee with respect to the Compliance Model and/or the Code of Conduct of the Company, or notify any violation or presumed violation of the rules, principles and policies provided therein and/or the commission or the presumed commission of any of the crimes provided for by legislative decree dated 8 June 2001, no. 231, alternatively:

  • by sending an email to the Compliance Committee at the following email address:;
  • by leaving a written notice in the dedicated mail box located near the Company notice board;
  • by written notice to their own directors, who are under the obligation to inform the Compliance Committee of such notification.

Such notification may be anonymous.

The Compliance Committee, pursuant to its Regulation, will receive and consider any notification and, if it deems it appropriate, at its own discretion, may start an investigation, in full respect of the individual rights, dignity and privacy of the person making the notification, in order to avoid any form of retaliation or discrimination, and also aiming at safeguarding the Company and any individual subject to notifications made in bad faith.

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