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SEQUION® application can provide:

  • Calcium carbonates inhibition hight antiscale efficiency and excellent temperature stability. Scale reduction with easy removal of eventual deposits
  • Less downtime for cleaning. Sequion can be applied whenever scale formation can affect process efficiency

SEQUION® BS can conveniently be used as antiscale products substoichiometric levels.


Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is increasingly utilised in pulp bleaching as a substituent for chlorine bleaching. Hydrogen peroxide bleaching need stabilisers to avoid catalytic decomposition induced by heavy metals (Fe,Mn,Cu).

SEQUION® BS are excellent stabilizers for H2O2 , unlike polycarboxylic sequestrants (e.g. EDTA – DTPA) efficiency of sequion is mantained in alkaline-strong oxidising media used for pulp bleaching.

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