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SEQUION® product range. Organophosphorous antiscale are extremely effective threshold scale inhibitors. They are used alone or in combination with wide range of polymers in Water Management Programme . They are used at very low levels, threshold level, to control the calcium, magnesium, carbonates and sulphates which are concentrated in the cooling tower through evaporation . Sequion is also used as antiscalants and corrosion inhibitor inside boilers to modify the calcium phosphate sludge formation, to make it less adherent and keep it dispersed and many cases to avoid scale formation or salt depositions on surface equipments.

SEQUION®, being effective threshold scale inhibitors with excellent thermal stability up to 200 °C, are a natural choice to control calcium sulphate scale in MSF's, MED's ( desalination equipments ).

HYDRODIS® New Polymers –Organophosphonates The occurrence of the dispersing ability brings the insurgence of a series of important phenomenological properties which extend and deeply modify their practical use of this new product range compared to the traditional SEQUION® phosphonates:

Don't show the turbidity zone -> Perform in any Hardness condition Non Calcium Sensitive.

Inhibit the crystal growth -> Prevent scale formation.

Modify the crystal habit -> Remove scale already aggregated.

So, they can be used in Water Management Programme in more extended applications / formulations. The dispersing property extend their usage as a potential replacer of acrylate polymers . Their capability to modify the crystal habit induce the gradual removal of amorphous deposits. They can remove scales. Hydrodis® QT/ series, Hydrodis® CS/ series P, Hydrodis® CSW.

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