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One of more important problems considered in a water system such a boiler or water cooler is to find a method of removing scale deposited.

Thermal efficiency is often reduced and local corrosion is often brought in a water system, particulary on heating surfaces therein, owing to the deposition of scale and sludge.

The deposition is a result of the fact that impurities such as calium, magnesium and silica are deposited on surfaces, expecially heating surfaces, coming into contact with water.

It was been proposed to use a chelating agent, though inferior in scale solubilisation to inorganic acid,as a descalant, in order to avoid the above disadvantages; however, such chelating agents give off offensive vapour, corrode metal,and render boliler operation controll difficult, still without avoiding the temporary stoppages.

The new HYDRODIS® polymers are capable of removing scale without stopping the boiler operation.

The amount of HYDRODIS® wich is used depends on the nature, composition and amount of the deposited scale, but generally speaking, it’s from 1 a 100 mg/l ( ppm).

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