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Chelating Agents

LIPOKEL is a chelator liposoluble:

  • It protects oil phase form rancidification and formation of unpleasant odors;
  • Can protect fragrances slowing down aging and blocking discoloration phenomenon;
  • Can be used in emulsion as acrylic compatible chelating agent and to protect from discoloration bring by flavonoids.


The chelating capacity has been be appreciated in a test where we verify the effect of LIPOKEL on Soybean oil doped with 5 ppm of Fe and the result was a strong decrease of oxidative demolition.


As a matter of fact metal impurities often originate from corrosive phenomena, which may become from the storage of the product themselves. The utilisation of LIPOKEL can, in this case, completely inhibit these phenomena, also avoiding the release of metal ions from the containers used. This makes it possible to use, for the storage of corrosive products (e.g. Fatty acids) mild steel containers (otherwise be impossible) or metal drums instead of polyethylenelined drums.

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