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Geothermal well, water treatment.

Geothermal wells harness energy from hot magma beneath the earth's crust by transferring it to subsurface water. At certain key locations include California, New Zealand, Italy, Turkey, Japan and Iceland hot water and steam return upward by convection.

One of the biggest problems in exploiting geothermal water-fields is undoubtedly caused by scale formation. As the water (brine ) vapour mixed containing high level of ions and gases dissolved (Carbon dioxide , nitrogen .. ) rises through the wellhead . At this point the pressure is lowered by throttling valves, carbon dioxide flashes off, the pH of the water increases and the formation of calcium carbonate scale can become highly severe. Scales and incrustations becomes even worse in surface equipments used to flash off steam. Additional scale problems accord ( Strontium and barium insoluble salts mixed with silica ) at the rejection point after water condense through the turbine.

Controlling all those type of scales is vital for economical energy production from geothermal wells. Bozzetto formulate a number of speciality chemicals based on SEQUION® and HYDRODIS®.

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